Automatic synchronization

Automatic synchronization will automatically block the so called "vatniks" (brainwashed persons) and "Kremlin bots" using centralized block list.

It will require application authorization. If it is unacceptable for you, consider using the Twitter's blocklist import feature;

What should I do?

The process is quite simple:

Note: Due to the twitter–api restrictions, the following restrictions apply:

  • The synchronization process is intentionally delayed;
  • The block list synchronization is allowed no more than once per 12 hours;
  • The synchronization is a server-side process; therefore you can freely close/restart your browser/computer;;
  • The synchronization "from the ground up" can take a good deal of time (up to several days and more);
  • Synchronization just block listed users. It does not sends spam or abuse repors to Twitter;
  • Despite to this way is quite slow, it does not block your followers, has an error correction and mostly important: it does automatic error-reports, so it helps us to improve our banlist quality;

Note: It is always a good idea to import banlist at the beginning of the application usage. It can significantly speedup automatic synchronization process in the future.

Do I have to perform the synchronization?

Synchronization is not strictly required. You can block the so called "vatniks" in a manual way, using the Twitter's blocklist import feature;

Is it safe?

In general. No, it is NOT safe. In order, to modify your block list, this application will request OAuth 1 Level privileges, and will have rights to do stuff like: tweeting, following people, sending DMs, update your profile, etc.

However, despite the extensive rights, the application undertakes to perform only following actions:

The application undertakes to do NOT perform following actions:

  • Block the users you follow;
  • Modify any settings of your account;
  • Send or read your statuses;
  • Send or read your tweets;
  • Send or read your correspondence;
  • Alter your friend list;
  • Monitor your actions;
  • Steal food from your fridge;
  • Eat your cat;
  • Do other stupid things;

Oh no, your piece of work did eat my cat!

Have you had enough of it? Do you want to sign out? You don’t have to stand it anymore! It's quite simple:

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